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We are a full service Hobby Store that started back in 1991 in a dinky little "hole in the wall" location in downtown San Clemente, California. (I think our new back room is bigger than the original shop!)  After a few years we outgrew that location and moved to a much needed larger location a few miles away in Dana Point on Pacific Coast Highway.  We garnered a reputation as a shop with a knowledgeable and professional sales staff.  Then, in 1996, the decision was made to branch out to a second store in Poway, centrally located in San Diego County.  It was funny, some Poway people said "Good Luck, Hobby stores have never made it in Poway".  We proved them wrong and became the dominant Hobby Shop in all of San Diego for over 9 years.  So much so that we closed down the Dana Point store and consolidated operations in Poway.

The Move to our newest location was something we wanted to do for a few years, but we were pushed into it when our landlord told us "DMV is moving in and you gotta go!" (it was actually said much nicer than that!)    We wanted to stay closer to the Poway location because of the customer base we had developed, but the City of Poway really isn't interested in trying to keep business's in their town.   With that, we found the perfect location that is now just minutes off the 15 freeway and only 8 miles from the old location.

We're now 3 times bigger but still the same good natured, professional people you expect to find in a good Hobby Shop. (we have 2 new employees so bear with us as we mould them into the friendly, knowledgeable sales staff you've come to expect!)


(858) 693-0373

9705 Carroll Centre Road, Suite 103

San Diego, CA 92126

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