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I found this on the interwebs... Why didn't someone think of this sooner!




Hi there, I'm Dave the "web guy" for Hobby Central. (I'm the handsome devil in the picture below)  I use Microsoft Expression Web for our web design and I don't go crazy on Poofy Fluffy stuff on our site (probably because I haven't gotten around to figuring out how to do the poofy fluffy stuff).  We believe that some sites have too much crud on them.  

 We wanted our store to do the talking so we made our site simple and to get some basic info & pictures out there for you to see.  I hope you like it!

If you don't like it, I don't care cuz I'm Dave and you are NOT!


This Page Provided by Dave's Sometimes Warped Sense of Humor!!


If you kill Tooby McNoobinz in the above game, I'll Smack You !!




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Hi Mom!

Hi Honey Ko!




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